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True Commitments

At True Lacrosse, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our players realize their dreams and gain entry to the college or university of their choice to continue their lacrosse career. We are tireless in our efforts to guide our players to achieving this goal, and our players are equally committed to their game and their education. Below is the list of True Lacrosse players who have gone on to play at the collegiate level.

Historical Past Committed Players

2023 Commitments

Annabelle Biggar - Butler University - DI
Savanna Barbosa - University of Tampa - DII
Ashley Weiss - University of Colorado Colorado Springs - DII

2022 Commitments

Maddi Baldwin - Whittier College DIII
Lily Zygowicz - University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire DIII
Alexandra Bernal - Bard College DIII

2021 Commitments

Summer Briata - Young Harris DII
Saniya Craft - Delaware State DI
Emma Mielke - Niagra DI
Kailey O'Hanlon - Alabama - Huntsville DII
Megan Weiss - UC - Colorado Springs DII

2020 Commitments

Ellie Martinez - Fort Lewis DII
Morgan Withers - Young Harris DII
Katie Shepard - Newberry DII
Grace Madden - Goucher DIII